Summer Breeze. Makes you feel fine?

It’s officially Summer. The sun is high in the blue skies, the beaches are filling, and a thousand barbeques are grilling freshly caught Atlantic fish, with the heavenly aromas blowing in the mild Algarve breeze.

In what is now the new normal, post-covid environment, the world is free to visit (and buy property) here in the Algarve. And, as someone once said; if we build it, they will come!

The market is less frenetic than in the last three years, but high-quality well-located properties and land are much in demand, and pricing remains resilient - despite the headwinds of the Ukraine war, financial hardship and, for our UK Clients at least, Brexit.

As we celebrate our 42nd anniversary, we’re welcoming new Clients from across the Atlantic, from Europe, Africa as well as Portuguese buyers looking to escape the cities and find out why everyone’s talking about the Algarve. Portugal’s southernmost region is renowned for its friendly, international welcome and literally thousands of our happy Clients wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

To satisfy the current demand, we’re always on the lookout for interesting, well located and quality properties. Our team of Valuation experts are always happy to appraise your home in a timely manner.

Just get in touch when convenient. We’re open six days a week at our modern offices in west Albufeira and our new website is open and updated 24x7. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Next time, we’re going to bring you an update on the buying process here and things you should know when starting your buying (or selling) journey.

Please bookmark our website to keep informed and follow us across social media.

With best wishes from Allan, Robert, Ana and all the team.