Portugal - Attracting Property Investment from across the World

In a recent conference of Real Estate Professionals from across the World, the topic of the European Property market following Brexit and Trump was one one of the most popular plenary sessions.

Despite significant investment being drawn into cities most likely to benefit from the British Divorce from Europe (Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam), a number of other hotspots were highlighted, including Lisbon and also the Algarve Region as a whole.

Buoyed by investment, lifestyle advantages and “above average” infrastructure, the Region was cited as beacon for Property Investors from across the World, particularly for those looking for “solid, if not meteoric returns on investment”.

Closer to home, we’re looking at a property market in which demand outstrips supply, by a factor of two or three.

Quality properties, close to facilities and with great views will always sell in the Algarve, but of late we’re seeing a trend of increased interest in larger properties where home and income or home with income can be achieved. In addition, properties of all types which require a little work or offer possibilities of expansion are attracting interest, particularly as engineering and construction costs can be much lower than in Clients’ Home markets.

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Best wishes

Ana and Robert.