Why choose Cerro Novo?

The Founders of Cerro Novo believed that a mixture of a Californian climate, a hospitable and welcoming local population and being in a well connected location (at any time of year) would be an ideal location for northern Europeans wanting a more clement place to spend their winters.

Who would have believed that we now welcome buyers from China, Canada, Africa and Australasia, all looking for a piece of the relaxed Algarve way of life!

Across most of the world, a growing demand for property ownership has increased the amount of Estate Agents, Real Estate Companies and Realtors all looking to take their financial share of the growing market.

At Cerro Novo, we’ve seen the Central Algarve market grow from almost zero, before the Portuguese ‘Carnation’ Revolution in 1974, through to the recovering and diverse market we see today.

To meet the demands of this growing market, we invested during times when most businesses were forced to contract. We looked ahead to changes on the horizon and learned quickly that people's insatiable appetite for information required advanced and costly technology.

We also commissioned research which predicted that a majority of people would use property search engines and Social Media as a key part of their property search. This year, over 80% of property searches will be made on mobile devices and will involve some form of Social Media; imagine how much resource is required to handle this level of demand for data?

Staying ahead of the 'big data' revolution is a fundamental strategy of our business and we aim to provide accurate and timely data to all our Customers and Clients. We store all data in a secure manner and our data protection credentials are available upon request.

Despite most property searches now being carried out on-line, we also understand that most people, especially those making second home or relocation decisions wanted someone to trust, whether face to face, at the other end of a phone, fax or email. To ensure this continuity of service, we’ve not only promoted people from within the business, but added multilingual talent to key positions across the business throughout the last ten years.

 We're proud to have an average length of service across the company in excess of ten years.

This continual investment now means that the Cerro Novo Group can provide sales, rentals, property management, accountancy assistance and even laundry and dry-cleaning services! For our Clients, this ultimately means a completely individual service, matching and meeting every need; but don't take our word for it, take a look at our top five Client testimonials:

1.     They’re known and respected in the area. "Everyone you talk to (and even other agents) never has anything negative to say about Robert, Ana and the team."

2.     They’re still family run and independent. "This meant a lot to us during the purchase of our new home, particularly as we got close to completion; when we needed a removal company and an electrician at short notice!"

3.     They’re Government licensed. "They told us all about the Portuguese AMI licensing regulations and what they need to do to comply. This provides extra confidence when buying a property in foreign country and with a language we struggle to understand."

4.     Their Property Consultants really know their property! "Everyone I've dealt with at Cerro Novo is able to describe in detail the upsides and downsides of each property, their location and even the type of people that live in the area. I'm sure this is because they all live (or have lived) within their coverage area and truly understand their community".

5.     They didn't disappear after completion. "Lesley in the Property Management office has arranged for new windows and doors whilst we were away and we returned to find the jobs all done to an excellent standard".

For more information, why not get in touch with one of our Partners today? Call, click or drop-in to our offices from 09:00 - 18:00 every day (except Sunday) and from all of us, welcome to the Cerro Novo family!