The Algarve - Why buy here?


Portugal, a country of around 11 million folk is steeped in history. Famed for it’s worldwide empire, seafaring discoveries, spirit of adventure and passionate people, Portugal today is a country of contrasts. From the bustling cities of Oporto and Lisbon to the villages in the Alentejo, it’s the friendly, welcoming people of Portugal that sets this country apart from its peers.

Algarve - 300 days of annual sunshine & 160 KM of golden beaches


The Algarve, in the south of Portugal was famed for it’s agricultural and fishing industries, but surprisingly little was known of the Region until tourists begun to arrive in the 1960’s..When the era of air travel begun, the tourists came to the Algarve with good reason. The region boasts 160km of some of the finest beaches and coastlines in Europe and is bathed in 300 days of sunshine each year. Even in winter months, many towns cater for a more mature audience, where golfing, walking and cycling are popular pastimes. Compared to it’s Iberian neighbours, the Algarve (on the whole) hasn’t been commercialised and desecrated by towering hotels and apartments. Incredibly, from many tiny beaches even in August, you’d hardly believe you were in one of Europe’s top five holiday destinations.

Algarve - well connected by road, rail and air


With the advent of the A22 / E01 motorway, visitors can now travel the length of the Algarve in little more than two hours, meaning that the Central Algarve is a maximum of 45 minutes from Faro Airport with it’s international connections, and day trips to rugged Sagres in the west or relaxed Tavira and Castro Marim on the borders of Spain are a quick and very easy drive; even in peak season.For those looking for city life, fast and frequent ‘pendolino’ trains operate from stations across the central Algarve, with a journey time to Lisbon in less than 2h30m.

Algarve - online and open for business

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Following the banking crisis of 2008, the region and the wider country is now in recovery and is vehemently looking forward to a brighter future. High speed internet connections are now commonplace across The Algarve and the mobile telephone network is truly world-class, allowing you to stay as well connected as you want to be.

Algarve - home of exceptional local & international cuisine


The region is also home to a huge variety of shops, from independent corner stores to giant hypermarkets. In the central Algarve, you’re never too far away from fresh fruit, amazing freshly caught fish or delicious tasty sweet delicacies such as Pastel de Nata. Whichever you choose for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll find costs of living less expensive than in most northern european countries and dining out with a good house wine is actually a regular occurrence rather than an exception.

Algarve - buying & selling property


From experience, buying and selling property in the Algarve is not dissimilar to the UK and other northern European markets, and actually the Portuguese systems operate in an ‘all connected’ environment, so once your home is registered to you, your absolutely know it’s yours!

Finding Cerro Novo was a big plus for us and emigrating to the Algarve was made much easier by the contacts provided by the team in their offices. Whilst learning the language, and taking on the challenges of living in a new country can be daunting, the communities of the central Algarve are welcoming. We’re trying to learn a few words and regularly challenge our Portuguese neighbours not to make it easy by speaking in English, but it’s good to know people aren’t too far away who can understand you!

Algarve - our thoughts

Our thoughts are simple; whether you’re buying for short breaks, family holidays or for an investment, you should talk to your agent about your expectations for now and the future and that will help them find you the perfect property and in the perfect location to fit your needs.

Funnily enough, we started by buying a great apartment, with lush gardens and a pool with large windows, but after our first summer, we quickly understood why traditional Portuguese houses have smaller windows and less rooms focused on then setting summer sun! Buy to the lifestyle you’re likely to want now and well into the future and you’ll not go far wrong.

We’ve loved our journey to a new life in the sun and hope that we’ll be living and working in this paradise for many more years, and that next time you read an article from myself or see us on Channel 4’s ‘A Place in the Sun’, we’ll be able to speak more of the language and have further integrated ourselves into this fascinating and welcoming country.


On the hottest evening of the year so far, over three hundred people gathered at Cerro Novo’s offices in Cerro Grande to Celebrate our 35th Anniversary.

With Employees, Clients, Suppliers, Friends and Family all joining the Party, we sipped champagne and cocktails and enjoyed handmade treats from some of the Algarve’s finest bespoke caterers. Take a look at our Facebook page for more information.

Since 1981, we’ve experienced soaring highs and challenging times but have relied on the commitment and passion of our employees to help deliver consistently high levels of customer service. It goes without saying that we’re incredibly grateful to all of our people for their dedication.

 As we head into the next 35 years, the immediate market outlook remains buoyant despite some choppy waters in the short term, but we’ll continue our considered growth by developing our people, our service offering and marketing strategies.

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Cerronovo - ever present in Algarve real estate since 1981

The Incredible Algarve - a must see!


Buying, Selling & Moving to Portugal

We've sold literally hundreds of homes to satisfied Clients since we opened our doors in 1981. Our Partners and Sales Consultants are all fully conversant with the process, however there are some basic guidelines that should be followed when buying or selling.

Many Clients are pleasantly surprised by the ease of navigating the process here in Portugal, and of course, we'll be with you throughout; but good choices made early in the process will help you in the longer term. We're always updating this section and are currently producing buying and selling guides, so check back regularly or watch out for regular updates on our social media pages.

If you're looking to sell, you've also come to the right place. With the central Algarve market in recovery and our continued in high profile marketing, we'll do all we can to see your home quickly and efficiently. Take a look at our 'Property Sellers' section for more information or contact our Partners via contact us.

Also within this section you'll find some useful information if you're looking to spend a little more time in The Algarve, or are considering making it your permanent home.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Robert, Ana and all the Cerro Novo team.

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