Our Ethos

What is an Ethos?

The characteristic spirit of culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

With over thirty years of experience and continuous investment in the business, we pride ourselves on being a first choice for many new and repeat customers.  We’ve created five key objectives for our business and always welcome your feedback on how we’re doing!

  1. 1.     Our Property Consultants will do all they can to find Clients their dream home and to match requirements to properties - however exacting they may be. 

    2.     We will provide regular and constructive feedback for vendors provided online, via email or on a one to one basis.

    3.     We promise to offer transparent and consistent advice before, during and after the sale.

    4.     Our Senior Management are accountable for ensuring a smooth buying or selling transaction and are available at any time throughout the process.

    5.     We strive to offer the best Customer Experience within our profession and intend to provide creative, visible and useful marketing tools whether buying, selling or renting property.

Working as a team is central to our culture at Cerro Novo, as we realise that without this, even the best businesses are fallible. Ensuring continuity of each transaction, providing timely and constructive feedback and building long lasting rapport with our Clients is of paramount importance. We have built bespoke internal systems to support the transparent nature of our business and constantly improve processes to improve our Client Experience.

In short, we realise that exceeding Client expectations is of key importance to our business and we'll do everything within our capacity to do so.