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The Importance of Leisure and Balanced Lifestyle

Leisure and Lifestyle choices are important in that it gives a person the balance and focus needed to deal with the more stressful activities. Leisure time and places to enjoy your free time relieve boredom and stress and also improve physical and emotional health. Portugal has a vast amount to offer which will contribute to you and your families wellbeing and quality of life. Have a look at the numerous options available in the region, and if you need further information please get in touch with us.


Portugal is historically a seafaring nation and today its Marinas and Ports naturally represent a major part of its social life. Often forming the centre or the heart of towns and resorts with a selection of restaurants, bars and leisure activities to suit everyone. The traditional, pretty colourful boats are still present along the Algarvia coast among the much larger, modern and powerful boats generally found within the four larger marinas.

Children’s Activities

The Algarve is the perfect destination for children’s activities with many fun active and healthy options to choose from. Often a good holiday depends on fun activities for children and adults alike and the Algarve offers exactly that. Across the region there are various sport centres and academies if you are looking to partake in competitions or just enjoy a game of tennis or football.

Horse Riding

The Algarve is the perfect location because it combines all the elements for great riding. Every year there are major world class events in Vilamoura and you will find various equestrian centres across the Algarve which will pick you up and drop you off at your destination.


The Algarve offers magnificent cycling possibilities for all types of cyclists, whether you enjoy off road, touring or road riding. All year round you will be able to choose from a diverse selection of routes to suit your needs. The region is becoming very popular as a cycling destination, hosting world renowned events, and the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely cycling adventure.

Walking and Hiking

Enjoy the naturally beautiful scenery, flora and fauna found in the Algarve while on one of the numerous trails available in the region. There are many options available to choose, ranging from the coastal routes of Carvoeiro to the mountain trails around Silves, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

Racing and Karting

Considered as one of the most exciting past times, those who have the need for speed are guaranteed to find it in the Algarve. There are two major venues to get that adrenaline rush from, starting in the Motor Park of Portimão and karting in Almancil. The Motor park in Portimão is a world class venue popular among competitors for its witness, tricky bends for both cars and motorbikes.

Adventure Sports

The Algarve has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure sports. You will find that most of the sports will be water focused because of the beautiful coastline that the Algarve has, however you will also find fantastic skydive or downhill trails inland. Surfing has become very popular in the Algarve because of the beautiful beaches and perfect waves.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in the Algarve has tended to be overshadowed by the more touristic attractions which people associate the Algarve with. This in turn has made the Algarve a top-class quite birding location all year round. There are beautiful locations which provide the perfect habitat for a vast amount of breeding and wintering species.


Across the whole of the Algarve you will find fantastic food for a great price. Traditionally, the menu will evolve around fresh seafood and fish which will have been caught on our coast. Recipes are passed on from generation to generation guaranteeing a memorable eating experience. As in many places around the world, the Algarvian people enjoy a drink or two.

Spa´s and Wellness

Free your mind and regain your balance among the many special locations across the Algarve were you will find most of the international spa brands and also alternative smaller treatments. In the Algarve you will find all the major brands providing a vast range of treatments personalised towards what you are looking for.

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