What does the Summer hold for the Algarve Property Market?

United Kingdom Buyers: Strong interest for the right property.

With leading UK Real Estate Experts recently stating that “Portugal is the place to be…now” and that the country offers “great opportunities”, it’s good to see that investing in Portugal is being highlighted as a great opportunity, despite uncertainties created by Brexit. 

Whilst the Brexit decision undoubtedly caused uncertainty, feedback received from prospective Clients at the recent ‘A Place in the Sun - Live’ Exhibition in London suggests a resilience and stoicism to forge ahead with buying decisions and take a ‘glass half full’ attitude when considering the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

All current data points to the central Algarve being a target destination for these purchasers looking for quality properties, convenience, connections and a great sense of community.

For those buyers who are concerned about the potential increases in property and social care taxation in the UK, Portugal offers a safe haven with good investment returns on the right property and when combined with Non-Habitual Residency or Golden Visa regimes, is a great choice for longer term living.


Buyers from France increasingly interested in the central Algarve area.

With the Cerro Novo team fresh from their three days in Paris, it’s abundantly clear that many buyers are looking to secure their property (and their Non-Habitual Residency applications) as soon as possible. The Presidential and political changes in France have provided a fresh impetus to overseas property purchasers to crystallise their searches and start the process during the summer months.

We’re ready to welcome many potential French Clients to the central Algarve over the summer, and with the support of our Legal and Fiscal partners are looking forward to another record-breaking season. 

Our website is now available in French via this new link:


Purchasers from Scandinavia are waiting for new, contemporary properties.

With the improvement in the local property market, new developments are beginning to materialise in a few key locations across the region. 

In the last year, potential buyers from across the Nordic region are keen to view contemporary, light and spacious properties of all types, especially homes with outside space and easy access to leisure facilities.

We’re proud to be presenting a number of new developments in the central and west Albufeira area and also two unique new villas in Guia (Reference: CNV5179) and Armaçao de Pêra (Reference: CNV5315). Please contact us directly at regarding these new properties.

Increasingly cosmopolitan, the central Algarve is developing support for its new communities.  

We’ve mentioned in previous blogs that communities from all over Europe including the Nordic countries and France are adding to the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the area, and when combined with the welcome of the Portuguese, the area really is becoming the place to be!

Whilst Albufeira continues to be the vibrant heart of the area with every amenity close at hand, the surrounding towns and villages are becoming hubs for community groups, cafés, bars and restaurants. Those interested in cycling, watersports, volunteering or developing their Portuguese language skills will find help both online (and in person!) in many areas too.


"We know our Clients have many reasons for choosing the Algarve as a place to reside or to invest, but safety and security as well a great, healthy lifestyle is attracting more and more people from northern Europe"


With a new focus on Portugal from across the world, an improvement in the economic conditions across the continent and a real sense of national pride, it’s clear that Portugal is taking its rightful place at the ‘top table’ in Europe. 


How can we help?

Cerro Novo were established in 1981 to support the needs of new communities in west Albufeira. Some 36 years later, whilst our geography has widened, we’re proud to still be one of the true ‘complete real estate agencies’ in the area.

This complete service ensures that Clients have continuity from property search through to completion; and beyond. Our Property Management and Rental Agency look after your home whilst you’re away and will even market your property for holiday rentals if required. 

Most importantly, our growing team of property experts are here to help. Whether you wish to sell your existing home or invest in the perfect central Algarve property, talk or email one of the team today.

With best wishes

Robert and Ana.