Out with the old, in with the New Year!

2017 has been one of the busiest on record, with enquiries and sales at near record highs. Interestingly, world events have not caused inconsistencies on either of these measures, with the British, Nordic and French markets all performing better than in 2016. 

2017 has also been a year to celebrate! Portugal has won award after award for tourism, safety & security, investment potential and sustainability. We believe these plaudits to be entirely deserved, given the country's recovery from years of austerity and considered investment in infrastructure and planning.

Whilst we see no return to the 'boom' days before the 2008 recession, ten years on we are seeing a return to optimism; resulting in the construction of new developments, and properties being placed on the market for the first time in many years.

2018 is a year which starts with Cerro Novo being fully staffed and in a great position to help buyers and sellers realise their dreams. As a Full-Service Estate Agent, every one of our team are experts in finding, selling, managing or renting your home in the Algarve and we look forward to working with you.

From all of us; Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Robert & Ana.