Is now the time to consider retirement?

Usually famed for its reportage of crisis, climate and cats, the Daily Express article has usefully highlighted many of the key considerations for those looking for a retirement home abroad; and whilst focused on Spain, is a useful springboard for those thinking of buying in it’s Iberian neighbour, Portugal.


Having been in business for over thirty years, we’ve seen every type of market; from the heady days before the credit crunch to the fallow years that followed. Fortunate to have been somewhat protected by the continued popularity of the Algarve through recessionary times, we took the decision to invest in the future of business when Client numbers were low.

With recovery now upon us, Clients of all ages are returning to our offices and enquiries are returning to healthy levels. The good news for all of us is that the speculative and panic buying hasn’t returned, and for Agents like us this provides us with more time to spend with each Client.

For Clients who are looking to relocate, often from Northern Europe and for a few weeks or months per year, we’re often able to present several quality properties that not only will provide security for retirement, but also are good family investments for the future.

Our expert Property Consultants all live on the Central Algarve and truly understand how to match properties to your requirements! They are supported by myself (Robert) and my business partner, Ana, so between us, we can help with not just the property search but all the practicalities too – including where to buy tea and coffee for the day you move in!

We’re fortunate to live in this incredible part of the world. Portugal is a relatively small country and its towns and cities are friendly and welcoming communities that embrace culture, diversity and visitors from all over the globe.

Many of the issues that property seekers encountered in Spain, simply didn’t and don’t exist here, but that doesn’t mean that good advice shouldn't be listened to.

We pride ourselves on offering great service and independent, specialist advice delivered by experts who have been recommended by past Clients or even used by our own business. So why not Ask Cerro Novo to find you a property today? Call, click or call-in now!

Best wishes, Robert and Ana.