Good News Is Out There - If We Choose To Look!

The last few months have been a real whirl for the team here at Cerro Novo.

We’ve traveled thousands of kilometres bringing the Algarve to life at Property Exhibitions across Europe and each show reminds us how fortunate we are to have already found our small piece of paradise here in southern Portugal.

In the press this week, there’s been no drought in the encouraging news. Marginal improvements in GBP / Euro Exchange Rates, a strengthening of the Portuguese economy, significant local investment by ‘W’ Hotels and a better budget outcome than many were expecting have all buoyed spirits here.

For British Expats, the prospect of a pan-European agreement allowing a continuation of the reciprocal rights deal has also brought some cheer to those enjoying the Portuguese way of life.

In addition, a survey conducted by WorldFirst suggests that Portugal offers some of the best rental investment returns in Europe, with holiday rentals being incredibly popular in and around Albufeira.

Our Sister Companies, Algarve Holiday Villas and Cerro Novo Property Management are seeing an increase in enquiries for 2017 and despite some changes to tax legislation next year, many property owners are investing in their homes to prepare for a busy summer season.

As we wave goodbye to the recent ‘Indian Summer’, (or Verão de São Martinho as it’s called here), it’s sometimes easy to forget that we actually need rain to refill the reservoirs and aquifers to keep our crops growing and population hydrated!

After the rain, the area now looks clean and fresh and as I write this, the afternoon sun has returned and people are once again out and about enjoying the relaxed autumn atmosphere.

It’s a lovely end to the day, which gives us time to reflect on the good news which has sometimes been lacking in 2016. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Algarve.

Best wishes

Robert and Ana