Autumn Arrives in the Algarve

Autumn Arrives in the Algarve

We’ve been discussing the onslaught of Autumn in the office for a number of weeks now and over the weekend, almost to usher in the change to ‘winter time’, clouds gathered from the west and the much needed rain arrived with a vengeance!

As the rain fell, calls to our Property Management Sister-Company started to increase, with owners seeing a change in the weather now turning their thoughts to weatherproofing rather than matching sun-loungers!

It’s a reminder to us all that our proximity to the Ocean which provides many with such enjoyment, also brings with it a sub-tropical climate that whilst well behaved for over 300 days per year, can be challenging for architecture and build more accustomed to dryer, warmer days!

When buying property in the Algarve, one should always plan for the weather majority, but also never forget that when it rains, it really rains!

Here’s our top five tips for buying property in the Portuguese winter and how to make your second home winter-proof:

1 - Take a good look around the property for drains, gulleys, channels and guttering. Removing water is less scientific here than in more rainy climates, but ensuring these rudimentary drains are cleaned / cleared of leaves and other debris will keep you dry. When viewing properties, take a look at any areas where these rainwater systems could be underperforming or faulty and take professional advice before purchase if water ingress appears to be a problem.

2 - Live as the locals do. Many properties here have shutters or blinds, mainly to keep out the heat from the sun on summer days. Closing these devices will help keep heat in the house and reduce drafts significantly, so when it’s dark outside, close the shutters! It may sound obvious, but checking that blinds work and shutters can be easily opened / closed will pay dividends on your first winter fuel bills!

3 - Central Heating isn’t commonplace in the Algarve, so a mixture of heat sources from modern ‘pellet heaters’ to reverse air conditioning are used in apartments, houses and villas. Our recommendation is to use what’s already available (and ensuring it works!) before spending more money on heating appliances. Many of our buyers find that winter warmth until 5pm most days keeps them feeling healthy without the need for costly heating. Adding ‘wafer’ heaters to remove the chill from bedrooms or using portable heaters if rapid heating is required usually meets most people’s needs.

4 - Air is important! Whilst daytime temperatures hover around 18 degrees from November to February, getting the windows and doors open on a daily basis will reduce internal humidity, decreasing the heat required to feel warm. Portuguese building design is also focused on keeping heat out, so bringing air into your property in cooler months will minimise any build-up of damp.

5 - Despite all our best efforts, winter will throw challenges at us all! If you’re not permanently living here, ensuring someone trustworthy is looking after your property is paramount. Our colleagues at Cerro Novo Property Management have packages starting at just €20 per month, giving you complete peace of mind whilst you’re away and welcoming you when you’re here! Whether you’re buying from us, have bought elsewhere or are contemplating a purchase, let us introduce you to Lesley and her team.

Keep dry and warm wherever you’re reading this and keep an eye on our front page for today’s weather in the central Algarve.

Warm regards

Ana, Robert and the team.